On our way home

We are now heading back home to Brisbane for a few months to enjoy our lovely winter.

It it is always difficult to leave Bagni di Lucca, especially now when it is looking so beautiful.

The Tiglio trees have their blossoms and walking under one is a delight, the smell is heavenly. Don’t park you car under one however, they leave a sticky mess.

Bagni di Lucca flowers

Our petunias are looking great.

Bagni di Lucca flowers

Tina’s roses are flourishing.

Bagni di Lucca flowers

Bagni di Lucca flowers

My window boxes are doing well.

Bagni di Lucca flowers

Bagni di Lucca flowers

Big white magnolias are everywhere.

Bagni di Lucca flowers

The geraniums on the bridge are growing slowly.

Bagni di Lucca flowers


Bagni di Lucca flowers There are early morning fishermen in the river.

Bagni di Lucca fishermen

I have a couple of helpers this year to keep me up to date on happenings in Bagni di Lucca and I have lots of photos to share with you while I am away.

If any of you are passing the flowers on the bridge or the hanging pots, stick your finger in the dirt and if it is dry grab a water bottle, fill it up (there is a tap beside Bar Italia, or the tap at Cova, near the walking bridge) and water the plants…they will love you for it.

30 thoughts on “On our way home

  1. It rained a bit for a couple of days and there should be some more rain after Sunday, so the plants will be grateful….

  2. Ciao! I just discovered your blog around midnight while searching for info about Graniaola. My cousins are on a plane 6/18 from the USA to visit the hometown & surrounding area. I forwarded your blog to them. Your photos are AMAZING. I was in Granaiola once in 1979 to see the home my father was born in. Your pictures are a perfect introduction for them. I signed up to follow your adventures in Bagni di Lucca!!!

    • Thank you for signing up. There are some photos of Granaiola already on the blog and I went recently and took some more. They will be there soon. I’m sure your cousins will love the area.

  3. Have a wonderful trip back. Will happily check the flowers on the bridge and water if necessary. Thanks for all that you share while in Bagni di Lucca.

  4. I like that little flowerbox in your bathroom window! We watered them with while taking a shower 😉

  5. Looks so beautiful dear Debra, and you know I love this lovely town. Have a nice holiday in winter days and safe travels. I loved the note at the end about the flowers… This is amazing. I wanted to visit there but as always…. Thank you, Blessing and Happiness, love, nia

  6. Enjoy the winter, it is finaly settling in – and everything is green again and growing beautifully. It is perfect weather, with enough dry spots to enjoy the garden. Welcome back!
    Ps. Thank you so much for the updates, specially Casa Debbio, you just about can smell your garden there. Amazing job!

  7. Thanks Debra. Have been following your blog for a long time. We tend to head to Colli Euganei, s/w of Padova, every year, but I’m so tempted to head your way very soon. Really enjoy your blog!

  8. I’m not “liking” this post because it means you’re not here. I do hope you had an easy (as easy as possible – that’s a crazy long journey!) trip home. I took a (cleaned out 5L wine) jug of water on my walk to the bar the other night, and watered the flowers using that. I got some funny looks, but maybe it will make them notice what I am doing and join in!

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