Arrows fly in Bagni di Lucca

I am now back home in Brisbane for a while. I was unable to attend the crossbow event on Sunday in Bagni di Lucca, but our friend Sheila was there and took some great photos for us.

The competion was held in the Contessa Casalini Park this year and the balestrieri dressed up in their best for a great day of crossbow. Here is some of the fun.

Francis from London to Longoio and Beyond has more on the day.

10 thoughts on “Arrows fly in Bagni di Lucca

  1. It was a great event, even if , besides the participants, very few people attended; however there were competitors from Genoa, Orvietto, Lucca, Ghivizzano… And quite a few more places. There was a huge lunch held at del Hilario’s restaurant.
    Unfortunately, I had to miss it, as the high temperatures took their toll on me, but Rafael had a great time participating for the first time in the competition and being presented with a medallion as the first “straniero” joining the Vicaria. I did not have the heart to tell them that he has got back his Italian citizenship….
    I do hope that more people will come to watch the next event on the first Sunday of September.

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