A night of music

Last night at the lovely Teatro Accademico there was a delightful evening of music. Songs by Puccini, Verdi, Mascagni, Bizet, Rossini and others were performed by some very talented people.

The event was well attended.

Teatro Accademico

Teatro Accademico

Teatro Accademico

The singers were…

Valentina Boi, a soprano with an exquisite voice.

Teatro Accademico

Laura Brioli, mezzosoprano.

Teatro Accademico

Angelo Fiore, tenor.

Teatro Accademico

Franco Rossi, baritone, shown here delivering a rousing rendition of The Barber of Seville.

Teatro Accademico

They were accompanied by Laura Pasqualetti on the piano.

It was a very enjoyable evening. If you missed it there will be another on 12th April. I will remind you at a later date.

Teatro Accademico

Fun with Ivana

Ivana Spagna’s concert last night was a lot of fun. I knew nothing about her, but everyone else knew all her songs and all her moves and had a great time. She covered everything from Creedence Clearwater revival to Mary Poppins and Simon and Garfunkle.

Much of the enjoyment came from watching the audience, particularly a gentleman in yellow pants who leapt to his feet and danced enthusiastically. You will see him as a blur in the photos…he could move.

Thank you to the people of Gombereto who organised the event, what an enterprising lot you are. Congratulations on a job well done.

Bagni di Lucca’s Teatro Accademico

The lovely little theatre in La Villa was modelled on La Scala in Milan…..on a much smaller scale of course.


The interior is very pretty.





It is similar to La Scala in that it is the same circular shape. Here is a look at the original.




It would be a really good idea if the Bagni di Lucca theatre was open occasionally to show visitors the interior. There are often concerts held there…check with the information office for productions.