Bagni di Lucca’s Teatro Accademico

The lovely little theatre in La Villa was modelled on La Scala in Milan…..on a much smaller scale of course.


The interior is very pretty.





It is similar to La Scala in that it is the same circular shape. Here is a look at the original.




It would be a really good idea if the Bagni di Lucca theatre was open occasionally to show visitors the interior. There are often concerts held there…check with the information office for productions.

15 thoughts on “Bagni di Lucca’s Teatro Accademico

    • Bagni di Lucca theatre is pretty and intimate. Unfortunately it was a lot prettier once when all the interior was decorated, like La Scala, in gold-guilded festoons and there was even a fresco on the ceiling. By the 1950’s the theatre had been neglected and was used as a cinema. When it was decided to restore it the comune thought to strip off the decaying decorations and give it the art-deco minimalist look which it has today. Many people regret this, including myself. For a theatre which still retains its original decorations look no further in our area than the teatro degli Differenti in Barga or the teatro Alfieri in Castelnuovo. This last had been allowed to decay but recently has been restored to its former glory and has not been “stripped -down” like the bagni di Lucca theatre. In my opinion the Teatro Alfieri is the finest in the area, large enough to stage a Verdi opera, as it did last year.. Even the newly re-opened teatro Colombo at Valdottavo has been restored as it was although, in this case, the decay was such that the ceiling fresco could only partially be saved. But, at least, that fresco wasn’t destroyed as happened to the one in the Bagni di Lucca Teatro accademico. Incidentally, this is by no means an exhaustive list of theatres in our area. I always think it’s remarkable how many classy theatres were built to serve an area where the majority of the population were shepherds and farmers. Try to see also the smallest theatre in the world (Guinness book of records) at nearby Vetriano built by a local to provide entertainment to his fellow villagers before the days of television.

      • I will go to see the theatre in Barga, I have seen it from the outside, but I haven’t been in yet. I have been to the tiny theatre in Vetriano – it is very cute. I wish I had seen the theatre in La Villa in its heyday.

  1. We attended a Beatles concert there a few years ago…..don’t worry the Fab Four did’nt play Bagni, but a rather good tribute band did. A good evening was had by all, and the theatre proved to be a very good location for the concert. We’d go again. The best way to find out about whats on is as you say through the booking office, or from the tourist centre close to Bar Borghesi.

  2. It is a great little theater, which should be used more frequently. I would also like to change the interior colour scheme. It needs warmer colours. Even if the decoration is much more simple than the one we see in larger opera houses, it could be enhanced by a clever use of colour.

    • Mulino,

      I absolutely agree with you. It is a charming theater but it does require a more sensual color scheme. The theater now looks bare, and cold, what I would label modern Stalinist. It requires the soft touch of a woman artist to make it complete.


  3. Theatres like this in Italy are like attending concerts in someone’s lounge room after Australia don’t you think. I can’t really afford tickets to the greats when they come to Australia but in the regions of Italy you can see the most incredible artists for a few euro and in gorgeous theatres like this one. La Villa really is full of lovely surprises….

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