Fun with Ivana

Ivana Spagna’s concert last night was a lot of fun. I knew nothing about her, but everyone else knew all her songs and all her moves and had a great time. She covered everything from Creedence Clearwater revival to Mary Poppins and Simon and Garfunkle.

Much of the enjoyment came from watching the audience, particularly a gentleman in yellow pants who leapt to his feet and danced enthusiastically. You will see him as a blur in the photos…he could move.

Thank you to the people of Gombereto who organised the event, what an enterprising lot you are. Congratulations on a job well done.

15 thoughts on “Fun with Ivana

  1. Thanks for your post on the concert which I could not attend. Sometimes I wish I could clone myself – there are so many great things to do in Italy. Many thanks to Claudio Gemignani whose tenure as entertainments officer under the previous admin is much missed – witness the Spagna show he organised!

  2. Dear Debra, thank you for the nice report…as member of the Gombereto village association can only say that we really did a lot, lot of work and lot of engagement, we fileld the hotels of Bagni di Lucca and brought here many people and with them some business to the town, it is just a shame that we as private people or small association have to do that abd even more of a shame is that we do not hear any “thank you” for the work but feel the jeaolousie of those who do not do anything and have no entereprising spirit. Don’t let us talk about the administration ………..We should thank all the sponsors because they belied in the event and help financially to organized it. Claudio with the very precious help of only a few people did it very good.

    • It was fun. I had no idea what to expect and was delighted that I went along. Yellow pants was wonderful to watch too. He had matching yellow shoes and a yellow tie to make it even better.

  3. We will be in Lucca the 1st week in May…..Please tell me the Rain will be over by then……..It seems that every time I check the weather for Lucca and Montecatini it is Raining.

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