Postcard pretty

A couple of posts back I showed you some photos of Montefegatesi. A friend sent me a photo of a postcard of the village covered in snow. I don’t know when it was taken but Montefegatesi looks great with a white blanket.



I don’t think it will be a white Christmas in Montefegatesi this year. Merry Christmas anyway and have a wonderful 2017.

Merry Christmas from Bagni di Lucca

I wish I was in Bagni di Lucca for Christmas. Perhaps it will snow…I love it when it snows.

I took these photos in winter 2013 when we had deep snow for a few days.

Snow at Ponte a Serraglio

snow in Bagni di Lucca

Perhaps it will happen again this winter.

Merry Christmas to all those who follow the blog. Thank you for coming along for the ride.

Thank you especially to the people who take the time to leave comments. There wouldn’t be much incentive to continue without the nice things you say. It is even more fun to meet followers when they visit Bagni di Lucca, and this is happening more and more.

One of the reasons I write Bella Bagni di Lucca is to share our beautiful collection of villages with the world. Quite a few people have visited our area because of the blog, which is great.

Please share the posts with people you know and maybe we can encourage a few more visitors in 2016…it is fast approaching.

Have a great Christmas!



A dusting of snow at Ponte a Serraglio

A light dusting of snow has fallen at Ponte a Serraglio. I’m not there to see it, but my friends sent me some photos to share with you. I remember how excited I was the first time I saw snow fall on my balcony. The locals might find it a pest, but it is fun when you are used to a sub tropical climate.


Snow at Ponte a Serraglio

snow at Ponte a Serraglio

snow at Ponte a Serraglio

snow at Ponte a Serraglio

Snow at Ponte a Serraglio


snow at Ponte a Serraglio

snow at Ponte a Serraglio

snow at Ponte a Serraglio

snow at Ponte a Serraglio

Thanks Kendall, Allan and Ella for sharing your photos. I have been transported from rain in Brisbane to snow at Ponte a Serraglio.

We had some serious snow last year. Click here and here to see the photos.

It’s cold out there!

Today we had our first real taste of winter. The temperature stayed around 6 degrees for most of the day and it rained…a perfect day for a drive in the mountains.

There has been snow on Prato Fiorito, making it look gorgeous.


As we climbed higher towards Montefegatesi the snow was falling quite heavily.



Montefegatesi looks great at any time, but a dusting of snow makes it look even better.



We went for a short walk around the village. The temperature up there was zero.

There are storms all around us again tonight. Perhaps there will be even more snow tomorrow.

Click here and here for more on Montefegatesi.

Our first snowfall

The weather has turned cold and there is a fierce wind blowing through the mountains. There have been some dramatic skies and we thought we could see a light dusting of snow on the distant mountains.


As we got closer we could clearly see snow on the top of the mountains.




I think it is beautiful. Perhaps it will snow again tonight. It seems cold enough.