Giuliana’s new shop

I told you a while ago about a great new accessory shop in La Villa opened by Giuliana. She has now joined with a friend and moved the shop to Fornoli.

EgHo Fornoli

The shop now sells clothes and accessories for men and women.

It is a great addition to Fornoli, and La Villa’s loss. Drop in, say hello and take a look at the excellent selection.


Antique market in Lucca

If you are looking for antiques, or interesting old things for your home, garden or wardrobe head off to Lucca on the third weekend of each month for the Antique Market.

The vendors are spread over the streets surrounding Piazza San Giusto, Piazza Antelminelli, San Giovanni and more. There are around 230 vendors in the second oldest market in Italy you can find all kinds of treasures.

Lucca antique market

Lucca antique market

Lucca antique market

Lucca antique market

Lucca antique market

Lucca antique market

Lucca antique market

Lucca antique market

Lucca antique marketLucca antique marketLucca antique market

Quite a few great things have found their way to my house from the Antique Market.


Alberigi…for your outdoor stuff

There is a great shop at Chifenti where you can buy all kinds of great things for your garden. They also sell pizza ovens, pellets for your heater and lots of other things.

Alberigi Marco

I spotted these wonderful old water pipes and thought they would look good in the garden at Casa Debbio, but someone had beaten me to them…I should call in more often.


We bought a lovely travertine garden table and bench seats at Alberigi.  They also have tiled tables, outdoor paving and some great old things that he finds. I’m sure you will find something you can’t live without here.

Via del Piano 6,


Phone…(39) 0583 895585


British food at Catene Cafe

This is good news for the British expats in Bagni di Lucca…you can now get your British supplies from Paolo at Catene Cafe in Fornoli.

Catene Cafe

You can order online at Richmond’s British Food Shop and your goodies will be sent to Paolo, saving you a trip to Viareggio. He has a few supplies at the cafe.

Catene Cafe

Catene Cafe

Call in to see Paolo and he will tell you all about it.

Paolo at Catene Cafe

Meet Guido from Nonsolovino

We have an excellent enoteca in La Villa. Nonsolovino sells a great selection of wine, both local and from other places in the world.


Guido, the delightful owner, has a wonderful knowledge of the wines he carries and will help you choose the right one for you.


There is lots to choose from.






Nonsolovino also carries delicious olive oil, jam, honey and other locally produced goodies.





Drop in and say hello to Guido and I’m sure you will leave with something delicious.

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Click here to go to the voting page. The posts are in the Best Single Living in Italy Post and Best Single Travel Post. It all helps to promote our lovely village.


Meet Anna and Elena from Due Ponti

Due Ponti is an excellent fashion shop in La Villa. It has been operating for over 50 years, a sure sign they are doing things well.

Meet Anna (right) and Elena who are there with great advice and assistance with your purchases.


The shop carries a good range of quality fashion for women.


Look for Due Ponti in La Villa at Via Umberto I, 20/22/23…near the post office. Say hello to Anna and Elena.


A shoe shop in Castelnuovo

Castelnuovo is the main town of the Garfagnana and an easy drive from Bagni di Lucca.
There is a wonderful old castle there…it was new once…I guess that is why the town is called Newcastle.



Not far from the castle in Via Nicola Fabrizi is a great shoe shop called Roberta.

The owner has tracked down some great shoes and has an excellent size range. She has shoes for all kinds of feet.

Here she is (in the blue shirt) with some happy customers.


We were there on a Sunday and the shop was packed. The owner did a great job handling the crowds scrambling to buy shoes.





We were all happy with our purchases.


I’m sure you won’t come away empty handed if you visit Roberta.

Meet Patrizia from La Villa

Patrizia runs the wonderful fruit and vegetable shop in La Villa. She will select the best produce for you. Ask her for the perfect melon for lunch and she will find it. Which oranges are the best for juice…..she will tell you. Which peaches are ready to eat now…..she knows.

20121011-062305.jpg Patrizia La Villa

20121011-062415.jpg Patrizia La Villa

20121011-062438.jpg Patrizia La Villa

20121011-062507.jpg Patrizia La Villa

Look for her shop in the centre of La Villa, opposite the tiny piazza in Via Umberto1.

20121011-062622.jpg Patrizia La Villa