A shop of treasures

There is an amazing treasure trove in Ponte a Serraglio. The well stocked shop has something for everyone. The pre loved items are very well priced, you will definitely find  a bargain.

Charity shop Ponte a Serraglio

Charity shop Ponte a Serraglio

Charity shop Ponte a Serraglio

Charity shop Ponte a Serraglio


The shop is in Ponte a Serraglio, not far from Il Monaco on the road towards La Villa.

8 thoughts on “A shop of treasures

  1. Good to see that at least one of the empty shops is being put to a good use. This may attract others to start new ventures. If I were the owner of those empty shops I would not charge a lease but a proportionate percentage on the earnings. That would make it easier on those starting a business and would prevent the shops from being empty, nothing more depressing…

  2. great to see! Will pop in and see if they are after some pre-loved items that are in good nick – I have been wondering for a long time where I could give these things away – looks like I may have found the spot – thank you for sharing Debra!!

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