The end of the Tiglio tunnel?

The drive into Ponte a Serraglio from Fornoli beneath the gorgeous Tiglio trees is a delight. It is a wonderful introduction to the villages of Bagni di Lucca.

In winter the bare branches form a dramatic arch against the winter sky.

In spring the new leaves appear as if by magic and a beautiful tunnel appears to filter the sunlight.

Tiglio trees

Tiglio trees

In autumn the leaves turn gold and fall to the ground. I love driving or walking through with the golden leaves falling around me.

Tiglio trees

Tiglio trees

Tiglio trees

Tiglio trees

Now it seems they might be cut down. The trees are old and some may be diseased. I really hope this doesn’t happen. This Tiglio tunnel is one of the loveliest things in Bagni di Lucca.

I hope a better solution can be found than removing all of the trees. Surely the best trees can be retained and some new ones planted? It just wouldn’t be the same without them.

20 thoughts on “The end of the Tiglio tunnel?

      • Totally agree, we look forward to seeing them each time we pass.They are beautiful, but I guess if they are diseased they have to come down. Let’s hope the plan is to replace them. I hope it doesn’t happen before April, so we can take some photographs for prosperity.

  1. A study made by an expert from Pisa University during the last administration identified the trees which had to be replaced. I do hope that those responsible will follow the recommendations made in the study.

  2. It would be a catastrophe if the trees were chopped down, I do so hope that only a few are diseased and a solution can be found.

    • There used to be huge plane trees along the river at Ponte a Serraglio, but they were cut down before we bought our apartment. New trees were planted the year we arrived and are growing well 14 years later. It will be decades before they are as big as the previous trees.

  3. If they cut down the supposedly diseased trees I doubt they will be replaced. Some were cut down in Fornoli and they have never been replaced. It is such a shame because I love walking to Ponte and love looking at the tress. I feel sorry for the birds. Slowly man kind goes around destroying nature..

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