Just what we need in Ponte a Serraglio

The new fruit and vegetable shop opened in Ponte a Serraglio and drew a huge crowd of well wishers…and buyers.

Fruit shop Ponte

Fruit shop Ponte

The shop has exceeded expectations. The space is tiny and it is overflowing with great food. There is much more than just fruit and vegetables, which look amazing.

Fruit shop Ponte

Fruit shop Ponte

Fruit shop Ponte

There is also a deli counter filled with delights. It was a bit crowded so I couldn’t photograph much.

Fruit shop Ponte

There are shelves stocked with handy items for convenient shopping.

There were refreshments, of course, and a huge cake.

Fruit shop Ponte

A young family is behind this new venture. When things settle a bit I will have a chat with them and find out a bit more…along with the opening hours.

28 thoughts on “Just what we need in Ponte a Serraglio

  1. Great seeing a new business opening in the area. Hope it gets much support both from the community and the all important local government. We’re looking forward to being there.

  2. Fabulous afternoon the sun was shining and lots of people came to the market shops , just finished eating the strawberries šŸ“ and not tasted such delicious strawberries in a long long time ( my fridge is nicely stocked for the week ) good luck and see you soon

  3. What wonderful produce, the tomatoes and artichokes look terrific – it must be such a boost to Ponte – i hope they do very well.

  4. Hello, I run across this a year and almost a half later. I wonder how did they do in the past year? Still surviving and filling a niche?

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