Walking tracks

One of the things I am most asked for about Bagni di Lucca is information on walking trails in the area.  The villages that make up Bagni di Lucca are beautiful and there are old mule trails between most of them.

The trails are reasonably well marked once you find them and it is great fun to walk between the villages. The forest is not too dense and the views can be spectacular.

I visited the Information Centre and found a couple of maps.

Mule trails Bagni di Lucca

The orange lines represent roads. The orange broken lines are unsealed roads. The green lines are walking, mountain bike and horse trails and the broken green lines are waking tracks.

Mule trails Bagni di Lucca Mule trails Bagni di Lucca

On this map the coloured lines represent walking trails, the double black lines are the roads and the broken black lines are unsealed roads.

You can find the originals at the Information Centre in La Villa. It is in Via Umberto I, not far from the Comune building. The young women who work there are very helpful.

14 thoughts on “Walking tracks

  1. Thanks Debra, this is really helpful. We are often put off doing the village walks as we are not sure yet where to go and where to follow!

  2. Hi Debra – Thank you for all of the information that you’ve provided here – it’s very helpful.

    I’d just like your view on car hire versus public transport.

    My wife and I are planning to spend a week in BDL in September. We enjoy walking (so this page is particularly useful). We’re trying to assess whether we can avoid the cost and hassle of hiring a car for this trip. On previous trips, the car has been stood around for days on end whilst we have been walking or visiting a nearby city/town.

    I see that elsewhere on your blog you’ve suggested that it’s fairly straightforward using public transport to get to Lucca and back – which is good. We wondering whether we could rely on public transport to get around the local area as well – for example – to reach trailheads other than the ones that start/finish in BDL? Similarly, we may decide to book an agriturismo (maybe Pian de Fiume), would we need to catch a bus to get into the village – or is it walkable?

    Thank you in anticipation.

    • You could walk into Bagni di Lucca from Pian Di Fiume. It would be along the road and I think might take about 20 – 30 minutes.
      There are buses to the outer villages, but not a lot. If it is still school holidays there may just be one in the morning and late afternoon. If school is back there is usually one in the middle of the day too.
      If you wanted to get a morning bus up to a village and walk back that could work. In this case it may be better to be closer to La Villa, where most of the village buses leave from.
      It is also possible to hire a car on a daily basis from a garage in Fornoli. They only have 2, so it might take a bit of forward planning. I will try to forward the post I wrote on this.

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