Verdemura, Lucca garden event

Verdemura, the annual garden show started today on the wall of Lucca. It is in a new spot near Porta San Donato and Porta Santa Anna.

Verdemura 2018

There were not quite as many plants as last year. I think this cold spring has held back plant growth. There is still plenty to see and buy and it was a glorious day…perfect for some time on the wall.

Verdemura 2018

Verdemura 2018

Verdemura 2018

Of course there is also food…cheese, salumi and a happy face.

Verdemura continues tomorrow and Sunday. Entry is €6.

Verdemura 2018

14 thoughts on “Verdemura, Lucca garden event

  1. Hi Debra. Thanks for the lovely photographs. Do I take it that the Lucca community is really into general gardening and not just vegetables? Most Italians I’ve met here in Aus have wonderful vegetable gardens but don’t bother a lot with flowers or other plants. I wish I was there for the show. Maree

  2. Thank you for giving me a gorgeous day! Read your post last night and went to the Verdemura today! And such a beauiful day it was! My apartment in Firenze has no yard… but there was a wonderful selection of shade plants… The helebros was a steal! Two orchid vendors!
    Beautiful big begonia bulbs! Thank you!

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