Giuliana’s new shop

I told you a while ago about a great new accessory shop in La Villa opened by Giuliana. She has now joined with a friend and moved the shop to Fornoli.

EgHo Fornoli

The shop now sells clothes and accessories for men and women.

It is a great addition to Fornoli, and La Villa’s loss. Drop in, say hello and take a look at the excellent selection.


6 thoughts on “Giuliana’s new shop

  1. I wish them good luck. There were already a small number of shops selling similar shoes, complements and fashion in La Villa and perhaps it was too much for the area. But it was a pretty boutique .

  2. I wish them well. it’s always hard when you are the owner and self employed but the shop looks fabulous and i’m sure will do very well. . good luck to them. george miori

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