2 Garden events

Next week in Lucca the annual Verdemura will be held. It begins Friday 7th April and continues on Saturday and Sunday. It is in a new location this year, near Porta San Donato on the stunning wall of Lucca rather than Porta Santa Maria.

Verdemura 2018

This is a great place to find fabulous things for your garden.

The following weekend will be the Azalea Festival at Borgo a Mozzano. The town will be decorated and there will be excellent plants for sale and much more.

Azalea Festival Borgo a Mozzano

With a bit of luck some glorious spring weather will accompany these 2 wonderful events.

Don’t forget Verde Mura

Friday 31st March is the first day of the Verde Mura, the wonderful garden event held every year on the wall of Lucca.

Here is a reminder of what to expect.

Friday 31st March…12.00 – 19.00

Saturday 1st April…9.30 – 19.00

Sunday 2nd April…9.30 – 19.00

Entry fee €6 for 1 day

€10 for 2 days

€15 for 3 days.

There is a reduced price of €3 for those over 65 and for children.

Anyone fancy a burger?

We all love Italian food, but sometimes it is good to eat something else. Who doesn’t love a good hamburger? Eataly has opened a “Hamburgheria” in Via Fillungo in Lucca, and the hamburgers are great. You can have your burger cooked to your liking, rare, medium or well done, the bun is good and it is all well presented. (The chips could be better)

As you would expect from Eataly the cafe is very stylish.

They also have pastries and desserts…to be tried on another visit.

This is well worth a trip to Lucca.

Eataly…91A Via Fillungo, Lucca. It is in a courtyard off Via Fillungo, so you might need to look carefully to find it.


Garden show

It wasn’t great weather for the first day of Verde Mura, the garden show on the wall of Lucca, but it didn’t stop the crowds.

Verde Mura

Verde Mura

We went in search of peonies and hydrangeas for our mountain house, but it also fun to wander to see all the gorgeous plants on offer.

Verde Mura

There are other things to see and buy too, not all garden related.

Verde Mura

Verde Mura

It wouldn’t be an exhibition without food.

Verdemura is on Saturday 2nd and Sunday 3rd of April as well. Don’t miss it if you are in the area. http://www.verdemura.it

We found peonies, georgeous hydrangeas, aquilegias, daphne, and some acanthus…which will all be planted today.

Antique market in Lucca

If you are looking for antiques, or interesting old things for your home, garden or wardrobe head off to Lucca on the third weekend of each month for the Antique Market.

The vendors are spread over the streets surrounding Piazza San Giusto, Piazza Antelminelli, San Giovanni and more. There are around 230 vendors in the second oldest market in Italy you can find all kinds of treasures.

Lucca antique market

Lucca antique market

Lucca antique market

Lucca antique market

Lucca antique market

Lucca antique market

Lucca antique market

Lucca antique market

Lucca antique marketLucca antique marketLucca antique market

Quite a few great things have found their way to my house from the Antique Market.


Take our wine bus to Fattoria del Teso

Last year we had Sunday lunch at the very beautiful Fattoria del Teso, a vineyard and winery near Monte Carlo. Here is a photographic reminder of the day. See the full post here.

The clever people from Fattoria del Teso have organised a bus to pick you up in Lucca, take you to the winery for lunch and a vineyard tour and bring you back to Lucca.

The bus will leave ( a minimum of 8 people required) every Wednesday from Piazza Santa Maria at 1.00pm, arrive at Fattoria del Teso at 1.30pm, leave for Lucca at 3.30pm and arrive in Lucca at 4.00pm. The bus will be available until October.

The cost is 45 euro per person. To reserve a place, please phone (39) 0583 462620 or (39) 340 7806967. email: winebuslucca@gmail.com
There is time to take public transport from Bagni di Lucca to meet the bus. If you go early you could take a walking tour of Lucca with Paola Moschini (moschinipaola@yahoo.com) Transport can be arranged from Bagni di Lucca if necessary.
Fattoria del Teso is a great place to visit and their wines are excellent…take the bus…you will love it and you won’t have to drive.

Verde Mura Lucca

This annual garden show is on in Lucca right now. It started today and continues tomorrow, Saturday 5th April and Sunday 6th April. If you love looking at beautiful plants this is the place to be.

I went today and the rain cleared just as the gates opened. I was one of the first in, so I had the place almost to myself. Come for a little wander with me.


My first stop was this stand with metal ornaments for your garden. I love their birds.


There was an endless variety of beautiful plants.

Of course there was food.

…and lots of other things I had no idea I needed, until I saw them.

If you are close to Lucca this weekend you shouldn’t miss this event.