Book launch, Buying and Restoring in Tuscany

David Collins has written part 2 of Buying and Restoring in Tuscany, an excellent guide for those looking to buy in this gorgeous part of the world.

There will be a book launch on September 8th in Lucca at Lucca Libri, Viale Regina Margherita 113. (Near the train station)  It will begin at 5pm with an aperitivo. Come along to meet the author and hear all about the book.

David Collins book

Here is what to expect from the new book…

The second volume of this poular guide provides the reader with priceless information about searching for, and buying and restoring a property in Tuscany. It is packed with valuable tips and precious advice difficult to find elsewhere and is based on practical day-to-day experience of the author.

David shows us how to conduct a negotiation the “Italian way” or to quickly recognise a dwelling in disguise. The role and responsibility of the Italian notary is unveiled for the Anglo-Saxon world. We learn about the essential steps in managing a restoration project whilst revealing several tips.

He explains how earthquakes can affect older properties and unravels the complex laws in a simple and plain way for everyone to understand. The section on swimming pools makes you want to immediately go for a refreshing dip. The chapter on arches is both fascinating and insightful or the way he throws a sense of humour on malfunctioning septic tanks and suggestions for fixes.

David “the philosopher” reflects on why people move to Tuscany in the first place and how some end up living a full and wholesome life whilst others live in a bubble. Many essential taxation matters are revealed and the book wraps up with a very useful checklist of questions that everyone must have when viewing a property.

David has managed to provide us with a wealth of information deriving from his unsurpassed experience of working and living in Tuscany. This book is an absolute must before you depart on the Italian journey!

For those not able to attend the launch the book is available on Amazon.

A very useful book

David Collins has lived and worked in Tuscany for over 20 years. He has accumulated vast experience in design and project management. Combining this professional experience with his love of Tuscany and passion for old properties, David has successfully helped over 400 non-Italians to buy and restore throughout this region.

Now David has put some of his knowledge into a book.

David Collins book

He covers many of the things new comers want and need to know about acquiring a property in Italy.

David Collins' book

David Collins' book

David Collins book

David Collins bookDavid Collins book

David Collins book

David Collins book

David Collins book

I wish the book had been around when we came 12 years ago, knowing absolutely nothing about what was ahead of us.

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