A very useful book

David Collins has lived and worked in Tuscany for over 20 years. He has accumulated vast experience in design and project management. Combining this professional experience with his love of Tuscany and passion for old properties, David has successfully helped over 400 non-Italians to buy and restore throughout this region.

Now David has put some of his knowledge into a book.

David Collins book

He covers many of the things new comers want and need to know about acquiring a property in Italy.

David Collins' book

David Collins' book

David Collins book

David Collins bookDavid Collins book

David Collins book

David Collins book

David Collins book

I wish the book had been around when we came 12 years ago, knowing absolutely nothing about what was ahead of us.

To purchase Buying & Restoring in Tuscany email: editor@luccagrapevine.com

David’s website is www.ourtoscana.com

To buy the e-book click http://amzn.com/B0165TJWLM

10 thoughts on “A very useful book

  1. Looks like a great book and it will certainly help those buying old houses in Tuscany. It is not an easy thing and much help from experienced professionals is required.

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