David’s Doors

David Collins, engineer and project manager in Tuscany, has a passion for old doors. (He wrote the book reviewed in the previous post).

He tries to imagine how busy they must have been in a past life. He is fascinated by tell-tale signs like worn marble thresholds below the opening leaf of the door or perhaps two grooves in correspondence with the wheels of a cart below stable doors, or an old horse ring on the wall left untouched since before the war.

Old door Bagni di Lucca

Old door Bagni di Lucca

He has put together a short video of some of the photos he has collected over time.

Click here to see his lovely photos of wonderful old doors.


9 thoughts on “David’s Doors

  1. I love looking at doors, too! – The older, the better! The door frames look just as fascinating as the doors themselves. I often wonder what lies behind those doors; and, like David, ask what stories would these doors tell?

    • Thanks Sandra. Personally I think that we should try to capture some snapshots of these old doors in each of the villages around Bagni before they get replaced with the uPVC or an armoured version. There’s so much history and charm just silently sitting there.

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