Then and now…Elisa Baciocchi’s house

Elisa Baciocchi, Napoleon’s sister, liked to spend her summers in Bagni di Lucca, where the air was cooler and fresher than in Lucca.

She had the road from Lucca upgraded and built a house above La Villa in 1811.

Elisa Baciocchi's house

Elisa Baciocchi's house

It is still there and in quite good condition. I think it has been converted to apartments.

Elisa Baciocchi villa

Elisa Baciocchi villa

Elisa Baciocchi villa

It is good to see one of the old buildings being looked after.

21 thoughts on “Then and now…Elisa Baciocchi’s house

  1. Thanks for that. Do you know lives there now or is it a public building? It looks like they’ve since added the balcony since the photo with the mule … this often happened in the 1920s. I also notice that the addition of the crest let to the shutter behind getting split in two segments. I love these old photos.

  2. I am not totally certain of this, but I believe that the palace belongs nowadays to Council, along with quite a few historical buildings in the area. Some of them are in better shape than others and quite possibly, turning it into apartments, has helped,
    In the first black and white photo, the balcony is clearly visible. Perhaps, the other photo has been damaged and this is why we cannot see it clearly. When you are in situ, it is clear that the balcony has not been a late addition.

  3. yes it is very interesting story and I loved the change… but always gives me sadness old things, old buildings, houses, etc. Something hits me… maybe I am so romantic or so nostalgic. It’s happening in my city too. Every corner, every street change and make me sad… Thank you dear Debra, love, nia

  4. I’ve parked near the house so many times over the years to go to the pool, and have stood at the gates wondering just what the interior would look like as the exterior is still impressive.

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