A little chapel

On the road into Ponte a Serraglio (SS Brennero) there is a little chapel…just in front of the parked silver car on the left.

SS Brennero Ponte a Serraglio

I have driven and walked past it for years and have never noticed it until recently.

Ponte chapel

It is is reasonable condition.

Ponte chapel

It looks quite pretty from the front.

Ponte chapel

There is a semicircular seat in the front, a nice place to rest before visiting the chapel.

Ponte chapel

The interior is well kept.

Ponte chapel

Beside it is a ruin…a wall and a set of steps. I wonder what that was.

Ponte chapel

Does anyone know anything about the chapel?

18 thoughts on “A little chapel

  1. I have not seen it, either. It does not look very old, it is dedicated to the Virgin Mary and it is consecrated and in use, see the votive candles. I will try to find out….

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