Anyone fancy a burger?

We all love Italian food, but sometimes it is good to eat something else. Who doesn’t love a good hamburger? Eataly has opened a “Hamburgheria” in Via Fillungo in Lucca, and the hamburgers are great. You can have your burger cooked to your liking, rare, medium or well done, the bun is good and it is all well presented. (The chips could be better)

As you would expect from Eataly the cafe is very stylish.

They also have pastries and desserts…to be tried on another visit.

This is well worth a trip to Lucca.

Eataly…91A Via Fillungo, Lucca. It is in a courtyard off Via Fillungo, so you might need to look carefully to find it.


12 thoughts on “Anyone fancy a burger?

  1. I’m in Lucca tomorrow , I might go have a look. You might want to explain though Debra that Italians do not know what a Beefburger is …even if is made of beef they still call it a hamburger. I had this task of explaining to a place in Viareggio 🙂 What would they call a burger made of chicken ?

  2. Burgers are my favorite food!! I crave them 24/7. I really enjoy being able to find blogs about one of my favorite things ever. I also have a blog post about burgers, but it is much wordier (being the weirdo that I am). I love your enthusiasm about your post; it shows that you truly love what you are blogging about.

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