Womens’ Day Exhibition

This evening was the opening event for the exhibition of art and photography to celebrate Womens’ Day at the Casino in Ponte a Serraglio.

I went earlier in the day to take photos. It is always great to see the beautiful rooms of the casino.


Womens' Day

In the main room is the collection of art.

Womens' Day

Womens' Day

he second room holds photos of women at work. The photos are both old and current…an excellent insight into the lives of women in Bagni di Lucca.


Womens' Day

The evening was well attended.

Womens Day

The exhibition will be open each day this week from 5.00pm.

Womens' Day

Womens' Day

7 thoughts on “Womens’ Day Exhibition

  1. A wonderful celebration of women! I have been to Prato today and International Women’s Day was being recognised there too.

  2. My daughter was born on 8 March. A couple of the local ladies from my village bought us gifts of Mimosa to the hospital after an excruciating non-drug birth. That’s when I understood this date to be for women. I needed more than flower I can tell you…ahhhh! I planted a mimosa tree in our garden for her first birthday and it was quite rampant and nearly took over the garden with its brigjt yellow flowers. Ou
    Love those old photos btw😍.

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