Coffee at a table

For 4 days we get to sit down to enjoy a coffee! I did just that this morning at Bar Italia in Ponte a Serraglio. It is difficult to choose which pastry to have.

Annalisa makes excellent panettone. They are beautifully packaged and will make great Christmas gifts.

After 4 days we go back to red and back to takeaway coffee.


Paolo opens a new bar in Fornoli

Paolo was the first person I met when I came to Bagni di Lucca. He is one of the reasons I came to love the village. It was great to see his happy face every morning at the bar across the bridge, and I missed him when he left.

He has just opened a brand new bar/cafe in Fornoli called Catene Cafe, named for the nearby bridge.




Call in and say hello to Paolo…have a coffee, lunch or an aperitivo. As soon as he has his gelateria up and running I will be back to get some more photos. Paolo makes the best gelato. I can’t wait to sample some of his pistachio, or nociola, or caramello…..

Good luck Paolo in your new venture!