Paolo opens a new bar in Fornoli

Paolo was the first person I met when I came to Bagni di Lucca. He is one of the reasons I came to love the village. It was great to see his happy face every morning at the bar across the bridge, and I missed him when he left.

He has just opened a brand new bar/cafe in Fornoli called Catene Cafe, named for the nearby bridge.




Call in and say hello to Paolo…have a coffee, lunch or an aperitivo. As soon as he has his gelateria up and running I will be back to get some more photos. Paolo makes the best gelato. I can’t wait to sample some of his pistachio, or nociola, or caramello…..

Good luck Paolo in your new venture!

31 thoughts on “Paolo opens a new bar in Fornoli

  1. Good news, indeed. The place looks very nice and the name is very well chosen. awaiting for the gelato…

  2. that’s great news indeed – I hate it when bars around here close – openings are always good news and Paolo is lovely!! thanks for update Debbie!!

  3. That is very good news! I am very pleased to hear that Paolo is back. I missed him and I can’t wait to taste his ‘gelato’. I hope next year. Please give him our regards Annalisa and Tjerk from Holland.

    • I imagine he will be open early and close late. In summer I woudn’t be surprised if he is open every day. It is all brand new, I will get more information when I am back there.

    • He is a very good looking man, and he is as delightful as he looks. He was extremely good to me when I first arrived knowing nothing about Bagni di Lucca. He helped me with lots of things, as he did with many other new comers. He is a genuinely kind man.

  4. A special thanks to everyone you can’t imagine how your attention and comments make me happy and convince me than maybe I have done the right thing to come back to Bagni that at my advise still a unique place where I can met special foreign and local people. We will try to offer to all of you a right comfortable place with a good selection of products and the best possible service.
    In others words a “safe no-stress area drink corner Café in Bagni Di Lucca”

    Ciao a tutti un abbraccio e grazie ancora

    Buona Estate !!! ( se arriva..)

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