I am completely sick of the rain!


Yes, I know this looks beautiful, the river has turned once again into a raging torrent and the trees are green, but enough of this rain!!! It has been pouring here for the last couple of days and it has become cold again. We need some sun to make the geraniums thrive.



This little fellow doesn’t appear to be too bothered by the wet. He was out this morning for a walk.



At least someone is happy about the rain.

28 thoughts on “I am completely sick of the rain!

  1. We will be there in a month, so hope the rain has gone away by then! We are in Melbourne and apart from the past few days very dry here lately. Although it has become quite cool in the past few days also….winter is almost here!

  2. I love the salamander…I’ve only seen a few around our home and it is usually when the weather has been wet. Wishing you sunshine soon.

  3. I hear all of your pain…I’m in Pennsylvania, USA and feeling the same about our weather! This time last year I was packing to fly to Pisa …and drive to Bagni di Lucca for 2 weeks…it was warm and beautiful the whole time…glad it’s not this year!! Love reading the posts!

  4. Chiming in from Wisconsin, US, and we’ve been searching for Spring since March. 🙂 Had snow showers last weekend.

    LOVE the pictures! But I agree, the river would be prettier with the sun shining. At least the little salamander added some color. He’s very cute.

  5. Yes, so much rain is becoming a nuisance, although it does wonders for the landscape. The river is roaring past the mill and I cannot see the trouts. Plenty of lizards, though, having a great time.

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