Time for a change

The time has come to take the jaunty little pansies from the bridge at Ponte a Serraglio and replace them with geraniums for the summer. The pansies didn’t do very well this spring because of the constant rain, but they still managed to put on a good show.


Geraniums are wonderfully hardy and brighten up the bridge for the summer. Now that Wendy and Darren are taking care of them they are doing especially well. The flowers are tough, but they do like a bit of water and fertiliser occasionally.



We are very excited that Bagni di Lucca will host its very first Art Festival this summer.

It would be great if everyone put in an extra effort with their flowers this year…plant an extra pot of geraniums, or petunias, or roses…anything really. Nothing makes a place look prettier than flowers tumbling from every space. What a beautiful way to welcome visitors to the town.

The festival organisers would love some potted plants to decorate the newly renovated shops where the artists will have their studios along the street at Ponte a Serraglio. If you have a spare pot or some plants please email Jaqueline at artfestivalbagnidilucca@gmail.com. All donations will be gratefully received.

The shops are almost complete and looking teriffic. I will take some photos soon to show you what a marvelous job the volunteers have done.

15 thoughts on “Time for a change

  1. thank you, Debra….wish everyone would follow your suggestions….
    we just planted flowers at Villa Fiori yesterday!!
    and chatted with 4 little boys who live near there and are so pleased and proud to be called “guardians of the park”.
    let’s see if people will follow their example and keep the Park and Ponte clean!!!
    they will be at the Colombina next Sunday!!

  2. Debra, so colourful, we always look at the bridge to see your flowers when we arrive in Ponte. It will be lovely to arrive on Tuesday to a profusion of colour, you never disappoint. We haven’t visited since last October, such a long time to be away, I feel quite emotional to see your lovely photos, see you soon, Andrea

  3. You always make such a lovely contribution to the beauty of Bagni di Lucca. Thank you for your generosity to the town and to those of us who very much appreciate seeing the area looking lovely and bright.

  4. Lovely photos and congratulations on your own work to improve and generally enhance Ponte.
    3 cheers for all the organisers of the Art Festival – we wish we could be there.

  5. As always, Debra, you have done a great job. I was admiring the geraniums this afternoon while having coffee and an ice cream at Il Monaco.

  6. Hi Debra, my name is Talia and i have recently ‘moved’ to Bagni Di Lucca, if thats what you could call it. I’m from the Gold Coast, Australia. I was hoping to catch up with someone in Bagni Di Lucca who wouldn’t mind showing me around a bit and maybe introducing me to a few people. Unfortunately i have very limited Italian, but i am working on it, slowly.

      • Thank you, that would be amazing. Im sure Gubbio is gorgeous. Perugia is one of the places i would love to see whilst in Italy.

      • Hi Debra, its Talia again. Just wondering if you were back in Bagni di Lucca. If so, i would still love to meet up if it wasn’t too much of a bother. I’ve been in contact with a lady named gina and she said you are definitely one of the people to meet – especially when it comes to Bagni di Lucca.

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