How to build a stone wall quickly

There are lots of lovely old stone walls all over Bagni di Lucca. They were new walls once.

We have found a great way to build a stone wall….call these men.


We called them and they arrived the next day with stones, the doings for cement, equipment and enthusiasm. I have never seen a group of men work so hard or so well. In days we had walls.






Rain stopped play for a while, but soon they were back at work.


And our first wall appeared as if by magic.


One day it might blend in with the old one.


The long wall grew quickly.



Once they had finished the stone walls we decided we needed a wooden wall above the long stone wall.



Now the wooden wall is just about finished and we can start planting our lavender and rosemary…and geraniums, aquilegia, daisies, roses, wisteria…..




They also built us a great barbecue.


If you need a wall in Bagni di Lucca, or nearby, call these speedy wall builders.
Impresa Edile de Gazhir Ulqini…Murature in pietra. 3493158495

33 thoughts on “How to build a stone wall quickly

  1. Absolutely gorgeous, Debra – the wall AND the men! I laughed as soon as I saw the title of your post, as I was certain of the answer. Years ago, I hired my grad assistant, a big strapping guy with years of experience helping his mother in the garden, to help me build a short stone wall. He was as proud of that wall as he was of his guitar playing, bless his heart. I need to find more stone wall builders! It looks like you have an amazing planting space as well – every garden needs great structure and you now have it – salute!

  2. great post; i’ll definitely be keeping that name and number. your place is coming on leaps and bounds – well done.

  3. Gazme renovated our whole wreck of a house 9 years ago.
    He is the best!
    Are you free to meet for a coffee and a chat at Monaco soon Debra?

  4. Thank you so much for this information. Looks like they did a great job. Wish I had known about them a few years back when we were forced to knock down our metado but your pictures have my imagination working overtime. Your property looks fantastic!

  5. What a great team! I will definatley use them when I am ready to start building and renovating etc. Its is sometimes so surprizing to see such a structure go up so fast and done well at the same time. There is hope left in this world. Tell them they have another client soon.

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