Poppies everywhere

Gorgeous red poppies are popping up everywhere right now…straggly ones beside the road, masses of them in fields… they look wonderful with their papery petals on furry stalks blowing in the wind.





What a pity the season is so short.

23 thoughts on “Poppies everywhere

  1. I guess that means it’s stopped raining? Wonderful to see them and know you’ve got hillsides of poppy dotted pasture stretching out from Bagni di Lucca. That’s a sight so redolent with memories i’ll always want to dip into. πŸ™‚

  2. Lovely. I would really like to see them sometime. Also the sunflowers at the height of their season. We are usually there in October though so even the sunflowers are drying up in the fields by then.

  3. One of my favourite flowers thank you for capturing their vibrancy and delicacy. I hope they stand up to the rain. We’ve returned to very strong cold winds in England, but we’ll be back in Ponte 11 June, hoping the sun will have arrived by then πŸ™‚

  4. Such lovely things, poppies, they’re fragile and bravely cheerful. I’m so sorry about the wet weather you’ve had for so long now – but at least you get to have rubbish weather – in Italy!

  5. I loved the wild poppies when we were in Italy. Popping up everywhere among the ruins of Ostia Antica, they looked so fragile against stone that has stood for thousands of years. Beautiful.

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