Coffee at a table

For 4 days we get to sit down to enjoy a coffee! I did just that this morning at Bar Italia in Ponte a Serraglio. It is difficult to choose which pastry to have.

Annalisa makes excellent panettone. They are beautifully packaged and will make great Christmas gifts.

After 4 days we go back to red and back to takeaway coffee.


12 thoughts on “Coffee at a table

  1. Glad you were able to have a coffee & pastry at Bar Italia. They all look great. How are you doing?? We’ve been back since Wednesday night, & Miss bagni very much. Rules are very strict here, but not all people are sticking to them, which is we’re the difficulty lies.

  2. With very best wishes to you for Christmas. Thank you Debra for your beautiful pictures and stories which have kept us connected to Bagni di Lucca this year when we haven’t been able to visit. We’re looking forward hopefully that we can get back there before too long.
    Linda and Geoff (at La Villa)

  3. Debra. I’m enjoying reading these posts. I’m in the US very much interested in Bagni Di Lucca as a get away place for my family and others looking for a place of respite. May I email you to discuss more of the area?

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