Coming up in Bagni di Lucca

There are some interesting things coming up in Bagni di Lucca over the next couple of weeks.

A concert at the Casino to raise money for Auser, which helps a lot of people in the community.

An easy walk in Montefegatesi and a walk to the towers in Popiglio, with a medium degree of difficulty.

Plant an olive tree.

The final street market for the year.

Travelling to Florence

Florence is an easy day trip from Bagni di Lucca. There are several ways to get there. The train is convenient. It can be boarded in Fornoli. The trip takes about 25 minutes to get to Lucca, where you change trains for Florence. The more direct train takes about 1 hour 20 minutes, add 25 minutes for the train that makes more stops along the way.

You could also drive to Lucca, park beside the station and take the train. This offers more flexibility for the return journey as the return connections are not great.

I used to recommend the bus from Lucca, but it no longer goes right into the centre. The bus stops beside a tram stop which is one stop from the centre, making it slightly less convenient.

Clever Mark Hickman has found another way. There is a car park just outside the centre with a tram connection into the city. Touch the photo below for details.


Thank you Mark, I look forward to trying it.

Farmers’ markets in Bagni di Lucca

A small farmers’ market has begun Monday mornings in La Villa, in the square behind the Teatro Accademico, near the walking bridge.

Local producers from the area are on hand to sell their products. We get to meet and talk to people who grow our food.

The market will also be held in Piazza degli Alpini in Cafaggio, Fornoli, on Thursday morning.

This is a great initiative. It is excellent to support local food producers. I bought something from each stand and I am delighted with my purchases. Let’s hope it is a great success.

Autumn festivals

It is great to see festivals reappearing after the 2 years of Covid restrictions that prevented them from happening.

I particularly like the autumn festivals, chestnut, pumpkin and, a new one for me, a polenta festival.

I attended the Festa di Polenta in Gallicano on the weekend. A good crowd gathered in the town square, which was closed to traffic, to sample delicious polenta, bacala, necci, rosticiana and other delights.

There was entertainment and the fun of watching children have a great time.

One of my favourite local festivals is the chestnut festival in Cascio, which I believe is on next weekend. I have been twice and I suggest getting there early to get a park nearby. It attracts a large crowd.

No reflection at Ponte della Maddalena

The river is as low as I have ever seen it under the Ponte della Maddalena at Borgo a Mozzano, on the way to Bagni di Lucca. I have been coming here now for almost 20 years.

This is the view I usually see.

This is what it looks like now.

From the other side.

From the top.

On a brighter note the vegetation is growing back on the site of the landslide.

We have had some rain recently but it will take a lot more to bring the river back to its usual level.

Beautiful rain

While it might not be great for those who are here on holidays, the recent rain is very welcome after a dry, hot summer.

I like the misty morning and the sound of the rain at Ponte a Serraglio.

The rain is needed to fill dams, the springs that feed the rivers and the poor distressed plants. Let’s hope we get good rain over the next few months.

Lots to do in Bagni di Lucca

Summer time is busy in Bagni di Lucca with lots of local events.

Morena Guarnaschelli will exhibit 15 of her art works at the casino in Ponte a Serraglio. The exhibition will begin on 5th August. Valerie Ceccarelli is organising the event.

There are lots of other things coming up. Montefegatesi has done a great job in organising events.

Crasciana has lots of events coming up.

Brandeglio is busy too.

A day for children is happening in San Cassiano.

It is great to see communities getting together to create summer fun.

A book to read

I recently given a wonderful book to read by the author, Dawn Cumming, who lives in Granaiola. Dawn is an art historian specialising in Italian Renaissance Art. She divides her time between Bagni di Lucca and the UK. She has a passion for Tuscany, particularly its art and culture.
Her book is called In Search of Annalena. A Life of Tragedy and Triumph in Renaissance Florence, published in October 2020. It follows the life of Annalena, born in the time of the Medici. Her story is set in Florence where she marries, becomes a young widow and establishes a convent. Part of the building still exists.

I loved the book! I felt that I was with Annalena in Florence, walking the streets she walked, seeing the buildings she saw and getting a feeling of life in Renaissance Florence.

In Search of Annalena is exquisitely researched. Dawn’s love of Florence is clear. I look forward to my next trip to Florence so that I can visit Casa di Annalena and find the other places that were important in her life. She was a remarkable woman with a fascinating life.

The book is available through,

For further information about the author