Under the Linden trees

In summer the beautiful Linden trees form tunnels on the roads into Bagni di Lucca. Linden trees are called Tiglio in Italy and as well as providing welcome shade in summer the perfume from the tiny yellow flowers fills the air with the delightful smell of summer.



Bees love the flowers and delicious Tiglio honey can be found in local shops.20130821-060325.jpg


Be careful not to park you car under one of the trees. A sticky sap falls from them and is quite difficult to remove…admire them from a distance.

Celebrating summer

A summer celebration, Benvenuta Estate, was held in Fornoli yesterday. It was a gorgeous day in Piazza Aldo Moro. Lots of people came.

There were stalls selling arts and crafts.


There was food.

Children and parents got together to play wonderful old fashioned games.


Stories and music were provided by Luca Fabrizio and Pietrolino…it was great fun.


Later on there was dinner under the stars. I couldn’t stay for that, but I am sure it was every bit as good as the rest of the day…welcome summer.

A question for you

I have been asked to do a survey.

In past years in summer, part of the main street in La Villa is closed to traffic and the area in the centre becomes a pedestrian area. The restaurants put tables outside on the street and the area in front of the Circolo dei Forestieri becomes a fun place for people to sit to eat and for children to play safely without the worry of cars.


This photo was taken yesterday, so you need to imagine that the trees are green and there are flowers everywhere.

Some car parking spaces are lost when the street is closed, but there is more parking behind the town. There is a road that goes behind the main street, so traffic is not disrupted.

There has been some talk that the street closing may not happen this year because a few businesses are not in favour of it.

I think it is a great idea, but I would like to know what you think. Would you like to see the centre of La Villa become a pedestrian area for a couple of months in summer?

If so, what hours would you like to see the street closed. If not, what are your objections?

Whatever your opinion, please leave a comment below, or send me an email….debrakolkka@gmail.com