Festa Della Primavera in San Cassiano

This little festa in San Cassiano is, I suspect, an excuse to eat frittelle for S. Giuseppe’s day. I can see no better reason to have a celebration.


The afternoon was slightly overcast, but that didn’t stop the villagers gathering at the park above the town to get together, have a chat and eat some frittelle. Luciana was chief cook.


She told me there were 4 kilos of flour, 1 kilo of sugar, milk and yeast in her batter. She was ably assisted by Mila.


Jim tested the frittelle, decided they were excellent and ate 4, with a cup of sangria to help them along.


The village children had fun as well.



I wonder if they ever get tired of the dramatic landscape here.

I was most impressed with the earrings on one of the festival participants.


I think I need a pair.

San Cassiano is about 10 minutes from La Villa on the road towards Montefegatesi. The whole area is beautiful and dotted with pretty villages.