Festa Della Primavera in San Cassiano

This little festa in San Cassiano is, I suspect, an excuse to eat frittelle for S. Giuseppe’s day. I can see no better reason to have a celebration.


The afternoon was slightly overcast, but that didn’t stop the villagers gathering at the park above the town to get together, have a chat and eat some frittelle. Luciana was chief cook.


She told me there were 4 kilos of flour, 1 kilo of sugar, milk and yeast in her batter. She was ably assisted by Mila.


Jim tested the frittelle, decided they were excellent and ate 4, with a cup of sangria to help them along.


The village children had fun as well.



I wonder if they ever get tired of the dramatic landscape here.

I was most impressed with the earrings on one of the festival participants.


I think I need a pair.

San Cassiano is about 10 minutes from La Villa on the road towards Montefegatesi. The whole area is beautiful and dotted with pretty villages.

13 thoughts on “Festa Della Primavera in San Cassiano

  1. I agree with you, Debra. The fritelle seems to be the main reason for the meeting. And they do look delicious!!!!!

  2. Fabulous idea to cook the frittelle in the open air too… So low key (save those earrings!!!) but so full of joy these little feste in Italia. I adore seeing the older and younger generations all joining in. Thanks for being there for us Debra!

  3. I’ve spent the morning catching up on your posts. I feel we miss so much during our travels in Italy since we don’t speak the language. I always feel like I’m strolling along with you as you visit each area…stopping along the way to introduce us to your friends.

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