Renzo and the dog with no name

As we were driving into Guzzano, a tiny hamlet which is part of the area of Bagni di Lucca called Controneria, we spotted a shepherd watching his flock of sheep and goats. His trusty dog was on guard to make sure that none escaped. None tried, the new spring grass was keeping them busy.

We parked the car and walked back to talk to the shepherd whose name was Renzo.



Renzo told us that he lives in nearby San Cassiano and likes to bring his animals down the mountain along one of the old tracks to feed. Guzzano residents are happy with the arrangement as it means they don’t have to mow the grass.





Renzo’s animals are beautifully cared for. That white billy goat looks as though he has been brushed.

When I asked the dog’s name Renzo just shrugged. The dog is very young and inexperienced, perhaps he has to earn his name.

Being a shepherd must be good for you. Renzo is a fine looking man in excellent condition.


I tried really hard to get him to smile for the camera. He has the most delightful smile.

As we wandered around to the other side of Guzzano we saw the little group head back up the mountain.



I hope there are young people prepared to keep these pastimes alive.

15 thoughts on “Renzo and the dog with no name

  1. Hi Debra, Renzo is a very handsome man, must have been a charmer in his days. It is really nice to see a shepherd taking care of his flock, the scene is surreal but somehow comforting. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I’m sitting in front of my computer at work and dining al-desko; looking through all these posts is such a sensory delight. The photos are so extraordinary I feel as if I could walk into some of them and reach out and touch – I particularly like the interiors – love Heather’s house and the communal washing area and the food and…..well, all of them.

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