A chance encounter with Mezzo and Joseph from Limano


One of the delights about going to the sleepy mountain villages is meeting the locals. We had not long been in Limano when we met Mezzo who took us to meet his mate Joseph. I wanted to take a photo of Mezzo but he wandered off. Joseph suggested I say the word ‘cibo’ but Mezzo wasn’t silly, he knew we didn’t have any cat food with us, so we were ignored.

Joseph kindly offered to pick Mezzo up so I could get a photo.


Joseph has lived for many years in Limano and Mezzo has lived there for all of his 12 years. Joseph has retired now and has much more time to devote to Mezzo, which is as it should be.

Before Mezzo’s time Limano was a stronghold built and fortified to defend the Lima valley from attacks from its enemies, especially Florence. The town was captured by the Florentines in 1428 but taken back by Lucca in 1442.

The centre of the town is Piazza Gave and 5 roads radiate out from there. There is a stone fountain dating from the 16th century.



I was very pleased I had parked outside the town. I don’t know how you would navigate these streets.


We set off towards the church and found this pretty statue in a tiny shrine.


It must be windy up in Limano, there are large rocks holding down roof tiles.


The campanile looks ancient but it actually dates from 1879. The old one was demolished to make way for a bigger aisle in the church.


The narrow streets wind all over the town through tunnels and arches.



I was fascinated by this very long ladder, probably used for elopements.

There are lots of wonderful old buildings to see.






The church dominates the skyline.


There is another church on the other side of the town as well.



There are good views back over the town from here.



And across to neighbouring Vico Pancellorum.


There are some lovely paths around the edge of the town that need further investigation.



Spring is on the way.



There were a few houses being renovated in Limano, which is good. It’s great to see new life coming to the villages. Doing building work in these places is not easy. It is not possible to get trucks in and out. We saw a workman busy moving things around.


It is a little tractor that is able to be pushed around the steep streets. These people are very inventive.

If you happen to be in Limano on 1st August you can take part in the traditional costume ball that takes place in the piazza.

We didn’t see that, but we did see another cat.


20 thoughts on “A chance encounter with Mezzo and Joseph from Limano

  1. Both Limano and Vico Pancellorum are lovely villages. We discovered them when we were house hunting; however, we preferred to be closer to Bagni… and then, we found the mill….

  2. What a lovely little village & you are certainly exploring these interesting spots tho I guess you need a car to do this. Great photos as usual.

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  4. Hello, me and my friend are staying in limano in a few weeks. We currently don’t have a car, is it possible to get a bus in or out of this area? Or a taxi? We are a little worried about getting about!

    Lovely photos though, and your blog is very helpful.

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