Riolo, then and now

I love these old photos of the villages of Bagni di Lucca. Sometimes there are big changes, and sometimes not. Here is an old photo of the centre of Riolo.


The road in front of the house in the foreground has been widened to allow cars to get through.



The house now has a pergola in front covered in grape vines.


The path leading up from the piazza looks much the same.



The villages of Bagni di Lucca are all interesting, with their own character.


Then and now…our house

Our house at Ponte a Serraglio has had a few changes since it was originally built. Here is a photo taken at the beginning of the 1900s.


The front of the building was damaged in WWII. It was originally one house, but at some stage it was divided into 2 apartments with a shop below.

Take a look at a post I wrote a while ago, where my friend Tina talks about the Ponte a Serraglio she remembers from her youth. Click here to hear Tina’s story.

This is what our house looks like now.


I am very pleased that the little balcony was added.



I would love to know the story of the faces above our doors and windows.


From our position on the bridge I can observe what happens in the piazza, and it is just a few steps to breakfast at Il Monaco for Annalisa’s great coffee and pastries…reason enough to live in Ponte a Serraglio. Click here to meet Annalisa.