Have a pastry at Ponte a Serraglio

We are very lucky in Ponte a Serraglio, we have Il Monaco, where Annalisa and her pastry chef, Stefana make the most delicious pastries and cakes. The pasticceria opens very early in the mornings and is instantly busy. The coffee is excellent and choosing which pastry to have may just be the hardest decision you will make all day.





There are also delicious sandwiches for those who prefer savoury things in the morning.


It is Carnevale time which means fritelle. I think it is wrong that these little donut like pastries are only available for a few weeks a year.


Stefana is showing us the chocolate version. They also come with a rice or vanilla filling…..more decisions.


Annalisa is helped in Il Monaco by her sister Suzanna and a team of pretty girls. Her 2 daughters are still a bit young to help.


Annalisa is on the right, Suzanna is holding Sylvia and Elise, who has the most beautiful hair I have ever seen, is in front of her mother.


Don’t have breakfast at home. Il Monaco and Bar Italia, across the piazza ( also owned by Annalisa ) are so much more fun. Apart from getting a great coffee, it is the best way to experience village life. Practise your best Buongiorno and meet the locals.

Il Monaco is open early every day except Wednesday. The closing time depends on the time of year. In warmer weather they also make delicious gelato.

You will find Il Monaco and Bar Italia in the piazza at Ponte a Serraglio. I am most fortunate, I just have to walk across the bridge and I am there.

28 thoughts on “Have a pastry at Ponte a Serraglio

  1. We’ve often enjoyed a lovely, relaxed breakfast at Il Monaco and met so many interesting people there. What a wonderful way to begin your day! Unfortunately we haven’t been there this time of year to try those very tempting fritelle.

  2. I can see we will have to go for some very long walks up in to the mountains to burn all the calories .
    The good thing is, we will enjoy the eating and the walking just as much.
    I can’t wait.

  3. Can’t wait to breakfast there EVERY day during our two weeks in June. I’m practicing my Italian diligently. I don’t know about my teeth, but my mouth is watering with anticipation.

  4. what I am finding – as I peer out my hotel room a long way from Bagni right now – that I can almost taste those yummy ‘dolce’ , smell the coffee and feel the sun on my face! Stefana is mum to my daughter’s best pal Martina…. she will be very excited to see her mum is famous!!!

  5. Che dirti Debra!!! You are really in the zone with these food posts. I am a huge fan of breakfasting out in Italy. Isn’t everyone? I agree it’s one of the biggest social occasions of the day. And I love the people watching standing at the bar. This pasticceria looks spectacular in every way!

  6. I have just found your blogs, Debra & Liz, you are making my heart soar as I look forward with anticipation to spending seven weeks here in July and August, an ancient and deep spirited place it never fails to restore my soul. Veronica

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