A short distance from Longoio is the tiny hamlet of Mobbiano. Just before the car park in Longoio is a road on the right heading up the hill. There is nowhere to park in Mobbiano unless you live there, so it is best to leave your car at the bottom of the hill and walk up.
I walked down from above Longoio past the little church that sits between the 2 villages.


The church wasn’t open, but I could peer inside.


This date is on the side of the building, along with a very cute angel.


A little further along the track Mobbiano comes into view.



Mobbiano is now a collection of houses. I don’t know whether there were ever shops or businesses here. Perhaps someone out there knows.

There are some lovely houses and it must be a peaceful place to live. All you can hear is birds. The gardens are lovely and the views are gorgeous. There are some seriously steep steps and tiny lanes between the levels of the village.

One of the houses, now derelict, must have belonged to the church. There is a cross on the old door. It needs a bit of work.

Take a walk through Mobbiano if you are in the area, especially now that spring is here.