Canyon Park

Canyon Park is a great addition to Bagni di Lucca. In a gorgeous part of the Lima River it is possible to take part in some exciting water sports. Click here for a link to their site.

To enter Canyon Park cross the Ponte Nero at Cocciglia. Come for a walk…Ponte Nero

Once across the bridge it is easy to see the headquarters.

Canyon Park

We took the track to the little beach by the river.

Canyon Park

Canyon Park

The river looks gorgeous along the way.

Canyon Park

Canyon Park

The stony beach would be a great place to cool off on a hot day.

Canyon Park

On the way back we came again to the delightful headquarters of Canyon Park.

Canyon Park

Canyon Park

Then it was back across the bridge.

Canyon Park

Don’t miss Canyon Park if you come to Bagni di Lucca.



Blue sky over Cocciglia

Cocciglia looks stunning from the SS Brennero, especially under a gorgeous blue sky.

Cocciglia is just one of the wonderful villages that make up Bagni di Lucca. Each one of the ancient villages has something special. Click here to see a list of the villages. There is a link to a post on each of the villages I have visited.


The passerella, walking bridge, was built in Ponte a Serraglio in 2009. It was controversial at the time. Many residents thought it was a waste of money and there were more important things to spend money on.

Passerella Ponte a Serraglio

That may be so, but I love the passerella. We park our car in the car park beside Villa Fiori and take what we call the scenic route across the walking bridge and along the river to our apartment. It is much more pleasant than walking along the narrow street on the other side.

Passerella Ponte a Serraglio

Passerella Ponte a Serraglio

As well as offering a pretty walk across the river it is a great spot to take photos of the river and Ponte a Serraglio.

Passerella Ponte a Serraglio

Trattoria da Santina revisited

Santina’s restaurant in San Cassiano is a Bagni di Lucca institution. I have mostly visited in winter and been seated in the cosy room inside. My last visit was on a sunny Sunday and we sat on the terrace.

It was a bit hazy, but the view over the mountains to some of the other villages was lovely.

As usual the food was delicious. We started with bresaola.

Then the famous ravioli.

There was finely sliced roast pork and roast beef with delicious potatoes.

Santina San Cassiano

Who can say no to tiramisu?

…or apple cake.

Now that summer is here, go to Santina and sit on the terrace. Trattoria da Santina is in the Main Street of San Cassiano not far from the church.


Ponte Nero

There is a tiny church beside the SS Brennero at Cocciglia. It is easy to miss as it is below the road, but well worth a visit.

Oratorio di San Rocco was built in 1532.

Ponte Nero crosses the river beside the bridge.

Take the path on the right at the end of the little bridge to Strette di Cocciglia, the narrow rocky part of the river below. Look out for Dragon Regulus who is said to live under the rocks.

I will take you there another day.

Ponte Nero now leads to Canyon Park headquarters, which means lots more people will enjoy this gorgeous place.


Art in Vico Pancellorum

Vico Pancellorum has hosted an art event every year.

The beautiful church at the top of the village makes the perfect venue. The walk up from the bottom is worth the effort for the view alone.

Some of the old doorways and windows along the path would make good art subjects.

There was a large crowd in the church.

It is good to see these lovely old churches open.

There was an excellent choice of art on display.

Thank you Moe for taking the photos so we could share the event.