Circolo dei Forestieri

I am pleased to say that  the restaurant at Circolo dei Forestieri has reopened with new owners. Regulars to Bagni di Lucca will recognise the proprietor of Trattoria Borghese, a very popular place to eat for many years.

Circolo dei Forestieri

The front of the restaurant has been opened up, I think one of the problems before was that you really couldn’t see that there was a restaurant there at all. I look forward to seeing tables outside once the weather warms up a bit.

Circolo dei Forestieri

There is a new bar inside, and it looks very fresh and bright.

Circolo dei Forestieri

The food is good and very reasonably priced.

Circolo dei Forestieri

Circolo dei Forestieri

Circolo dei Forestieri

Circolo dei Forestieri

Circolo dei Forestieri

It is great to see Circolo dei Forestieri come alive again.

37 thoughts on “Circolo dei Forestieri

  1. Excellent news! It is the best location in town and a beautiful building, part of Bagni di Lucca precious heritage. If the food is good, it must be perfect. I wish them all the best!

  2. This is really encouraging news, it is a great building in a good setting, I am looking forward to eating there on my next trip.

  3. This makes me so happy. Our very first trip to Bagni Di Lucca years ago included a dinner sitting on the patio by the river. It has some of the favorite photos of that trip of us just sitting and relaxing. We look forward to being there in June

  4. Wonderful news! Can’t wait to get there! Trattoria Borghese was terrific but this wonderful location will make it even better.

  5. This is very good news. We wish them well and hope they get good patronage from the locals and visitors alike. This is one of the beautiful buildings in the village. The food looks great!

  6. Love the refurbished look in this lovely grand building. The food looks appealing. I wish the proprietors well in their business. May it bring good patronage for them.

  7. Once word gets out they’ll go from strength to strength. The food at Borghese was legendary.
    We used to take guests there at lunchtime and either say nothing about where we were going or just really play it down …..then wait for the food to arrive and watch the reaction when eaten.

  8. Looks very appetizing! How long ago was Trattoria Borghese? Does not ring a bell? Can’t find to track it through your blog’s history either? One more mysterie to solve! Keep it coming!

  9. I ate there 3 times during my weeks holiday recently. Once on the terrace, once inside the beautiful restaurant and Sunday lunch in front of the restaurant. Fabulous food and fabulous location. I have to wait till next year for my next visit.

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