Almost spring in Lucchio

Spring is a bit late coming this year and this has not been helped by the icy blast of wind blowing from the Alps.

But the trees are beginning to turn green…you can see a tinge of green on the trees framing lovely Lucchio.


Wild flowers are appearing and potted plants and fruit blossoms are springing to life.

There is always a friendly cat looking for a sunny spot in the mountain villages.

Lucchio cat

There is still snow on the higher mountains, making for some spectacular views.

Lucchio views

Lucchio views

Lucchio views

Lucchio views

The little bar in the piazza near the car park is thriving. After the death of the previous owner there was a danger the bar would close, but fortunately new people have taken over and are doing a great job…meet Franco.

Franco from Lucchio

Lucchio bar

As well as bar snacks and delicious sweets, there are great meals being served on weekends by Franco and his family. In summer the bar will be open more often and tables will spill out onto the terrace.

Lucchio sweets

Lucchio sweets

There are some excellent bargains in Lucchio for anyone looking for a house to buy.

Lucchio house for sale It would be a great way to have a base in Italy without having to spend a lot of money. The village becomes quite lively in the summer months when ex Lucchio residents return to open their houses and enjoy gorgeous views and fresh mountain air.


24 thoughts on “Almost spring in Lucchio

  1. Lucchio is a beautiful place; however, it must be said that it has a difficult access, so it is not for everybody. They say that the women in Lucchio have to tie a bag to the tail of the hens to prevent the eggs rolling down to the valley!!! In any case, it is a great place to visit and that the bar is open. Those sweets look delicious! Thanks, Debra!

  2. Lucchio apparently also has a water problem. It’s said by other villages that when it rains there the women rush out into the streets with a bar of soap. I have yet to verify this. Glad to know the bar is continuing

  3. I live in Bagni di Lucca during the summer time,but i never visite Lucchio.This summer I hope to go and glad know the bar will be open. but it have difficult access,….

  4. Lucchio looks beautiful – as do the signs of spring. It’s clearly been there for many more decades than I have had my feet planted on this earth so it must have plenty in its favour despite the egg races and rain dancing. Anyway, I’d be willing to put up with small problems in exchange for daily trips to the bar to commune with those very intelligent looking pastries.

  5. The drive up to Lucchio is very interesting….but the reward you get when you arrive at the village is well worth the white knuckles. Spectacular. Very pleasing to see the young man taking on the bar….hopefully it will bring some more people back to the village.

  6. I recall our drive to Lucchio as my cousin was quite descriptive about the road. I was laughing, while wondering why then are we going? …. but what a lovely village!!!

  7. Beautiful photos…..spring is such a magical time…flowers, snow, blue skies…makes for a great combo…..glad to see the little bar is making it….Mr. Franco looks happy and friendly.

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