Villaggio Globale

One of the reasons people come to Bagni di Lucca is to ‘take the waters’. The area has been popular for centuries for the health giving properties of the mineral springs in the area.

Villaggio Globale is one of the establishments catering to the needs of health seekers from all over the world.


It is in a beautiful setting beside a stream in Ponte a Serraglio. The charming Demidoff temple is beside the main building.



The original Demidoff Hospital was meant for the poor and was built by architect Piero Ruelle in 1825. It was the initiative of the Russian Prince Nicolai Demidoff, who wanted to reward the village for the benefit he achieved from the thermal waters of Bagni di Lucca.

The little bridge was commissioned in 1837 to architect Giuseppe Pardini by Anatolio Demidoff, son of Nicolai.

Today the Villaggio Globale is an International Holistic Centre offering therapies including thermal baths, Ayurvedic treatments, Shiatsu massage and Reiki treatment.




The centre is always busy on weekends….the car park overflows….something must be working.

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