Casino tour

This weekend FAI (a bit like the National Trust) organised walking tours of the Casino and Bernabo Spa in Ponte a Serraglio. The tours were extremely well attended on Saturday and Sunday, bringing lots of new people to the area.

Our tour began at the casino. It is the first purpose built casino in Europe. Carlo Lodovico di Borbone commissioned Giuseppe Pardini to build it in 1837.

We then walked up the hill to the Bernabo Spa. It has been beautifully restored and offers a range of treatments along with a fabulous deep marble bath and natural steam rooms.

There is a great view of Ponte a Serraglio from the terrace in front of the spa.

From there we walked down the hill and stopped briefly in front of what was the English Club, which is now the home of a friend.

We walked back to the casino for an inside tour.

The entrance and sitting room.

This was once a ballroom.

This is the orchestra stage.

The beautiful ceiling.

Detail of some of the decoration.

Delightful Virgilio gave us some lessons in the types of games that were once played in the various casinos that were operating in the area.

Look out for any future walking tours with the FAI.