12 thoughts on “Work on the casino

  1. It was renovated last in 2000, Jubilee year, as many buildings were, including the charming bath building with quaint ‘hats’ above Villa and the one on the road from Ponte up to Terme. My husband gave a concert in a magnificent room in the Casino soon after. Sadly, the exterior fabric of buildings deteriorates quickly in the damp winters. I’ve never seen those particular baths in operation either, also a great shame..

  2. Hello, I wonder if you can help. We’re hoping to visit Bagni di Lucca again but struggling to find accommodations – we need a 4 bedrooms house. Do you know of any websites that Italians use that you can point me towards please? I understand basic Italian so I was wondering if that might be an avenue to pursue. Thanks

    • I don’t know of any Italian websites. You could try placing your question on the Bagni di Lucca Community page or Bagni di Lucca Cuore on Facebook. Quite a lot of people see those pages.

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