A close shave at Ponte a Serraglio


Valter is the barber in Ponte a Serraglio, but he is so much more. Every day there is a line of gentlemen sitting in his chairs, but I’m not sure they are waiting for a shave or a haircut. I think they are there to discuss and solve the problems of the world.

Jim regularly visits Valter when he is in Ponte a Serraglio for a haircut and some manscaping.

If you are a gentleman in need of a trim, call in to see Valter, he does a great job, and you might just solve some serious issues.


I’m sure some of these chaps have been lining up at Valter’s for years….long may it continue.

PS. It is with regret that I have report that Valter has retired and it seems nobody was prepared to take over his shop, so there is no longer a barber in Ponte a Serraglio.