Paolo’s pasticceria

Catene Cafe has had a transformation. The gelato counter has been replaced by delicious pastries.

The grand opening was this evening and the lovely Paolo was in fine form.

Paolo Catene Cafe

Paolo Catene Cafe Paolo Catene Cafe Catene Cafe Paolo

The selection of pastries is excellent and we were able to sample quite a few…and they were just as delicious as they look. The girls were mobbed by people wanting to try things.

Catene Cafe

Catene Cafe

Catene Cafe

Catene Cafe

Catene Cafe

Catene Cafe

Good luck Paolo, I hope your new venture is a huge success.

Catene Cafe

30 thoughts on “Paolo’s pasticceria

  1. He is gorgeous – we also went this evening and we wish him well – lots of good memories with this lovely man

  2. Another great review and place to try. I came to Italy to work on the family house in Vico and I brought with me a list of restaurants to try and places to visit. My wife and I have enjoyed reading your blog. Thank you

  3. We’ll be arriving in twelve days and will definitely make Paolo’s place one of our first stops. Everything looks delicious.

  4. What a delectable selection of delicious goodies to choose from! Lovely to see Paolo again, as handsome as ever. All the very best with your business, Paolo – just shows your creative spirit! Thank you, Debra, for sharing this pasticceria with us readers.

  5. I think the new venture could be called ‘The Face Plant Cafe’:) I think you must come home now, you are having more than your fair share of fun!

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