The Red Cross had their first event in Villa Fiori tonight. When we arrived the party was in full swing.

The children were having a great time.

Red Cross grigliata

Beer and wine were being served.

Red Cross grigliata

The tents were filling up.

Red Cross grigliata

The menu posted.

Red Cross grigliata

We ordered and took our seats. Beside us the Burraco tables were ready.


Soon they filled up too.

Red Cross grigliata

I forgot to show you our food, but it was very tasty.

We walked home as it was beginning to get dark.

Ponte a Serraglia

Red Cross grigliata

I hope you will all come along tomorrow at 6.00pm and Sunday at 3.00pm.

8 thoughts on “Grilled

  1. The Red Cross event in June is a traditional one that we never miss. Unfortunately, this year, we have no option…
    To support the Red Cross is a must as they do an excellent job.

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