Trattoria Borghesi

Trattoria Borghesi  was an institution in Bagni di Lucca for many years and everyone was disappointed when it closed a couple of years ago.

So when it reopened earlier this year there was much excitement. I missed the opening but recently went for lunch. Like many places in the area, a workman’s lunch for a set price is offered. For €11 you get first course, second course, side dish, water, wine and coffee.

Trattoria Borghese

We chose the chicken, torta salata, vegetables and pasta.

Chicken scallopina

Torta salata

Vegetables Trattoria Borghese

Pasta Trattoria Borghese

On another occasion there was soup, past with peas, ham and tomato, roast beef and eggplant…all delicious.

Trattoria Borghese

Trattoria Borghese

Trattoria Borghese

Trattoria Borghese

The food was very good and the service excellent.

The bar and restaurant have been renovated and look very clean and modern.

Trattoria Borghese

Trattoria Borghese

Trattoria Borghese

I’m sure Trattoria Borghesi is once again going to be very popular.

Trattoria Borghesi…85 Via Umberto I, La Villa.


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