The Eagle’s Nest

Orrido di Botri is a rocky gorge with steep walls, dug by the cold waters of the Rio Pelago torrent in the Apennines. Some of the walls are as high as 200 metres and it is one of the few natural canyons in Italy. It is open to walkers in summer. You need to be accompanied by a guide and to wear protective clothing and a helmet as the walk is a bit dangerous in parts.

I haven’t been, but I have been to the restaurant at the entrance to the Orrido di Botri. We were there on a cool, slightly damp spring evening and the area is lovely. I can imagine that it would be even better on a hot summer day.


There are outdoor tables near the little rocky stream that runs beside the restaurant.




Because it was a cool evening we sat inside.


The food was delicious and very reasonably priced.






The restaurant is very close to the entrance to Orrido di Botri, which clearly needs a visit.


There are also picnic grounds nearby and if you are really lucky you might see the local goats coming down from their foraging areas in the mountains.


…or cheese being made in the little farmhouse beside the entrance.



Whenever you go I’m sure you will enjoy it. The restaurant has wood fired ovens for pizza…a good reason to return on a sunny day.

The only way into the area right now is via Montefegatesi as the road on the other side of the valley is being repaired, hopefully before summer.

Il Nido dell’Aquila, Localita Ponte a Gaio, 11

Telephone…0583 800022


17 thoughts on “The Eagle’s Nest

  1. It looks like a lovely restaurant. We shall certainly visit it. The Orrido dei Botri is an amazing place. It inspired Dante Alighieri for the description of the “Inferno” in his “Divine Comedy”. Dante spent some time in Montefegatesi and this is why there is his statue in a prominent place of the town. I understand that in the summer months the town organises events in which there is declamation of his verses. I think that this happens in July.

  2. It is a beautiful area…we visited during the Sagra in August. The weather was lovely and the Sagra food very good. We will have to try the restaurant next time!

  3. The beautiful, spring green foliage makes me so homesick and the little restaurant in the trees looks lovely. Are they anchovies on their own little plate – I so love good anchovies but without paying a price equivalent to gold dust they are hard to get here.

  4. Looks like a really good day out. I understand hard hats are recommended at certain times of the year because of falling rock. The restaurant looks great as does the food.

    • I have walked part way up the Orrido several times but in the summer when the river was less fierce than I imagine it would be now. Hard hats are not just recommended, they are required. But they are available at the little kiosk where you must register and leave ID. I have found that crocs are the ideal shoe for the Orrido, but then, I never made it all the way, where the gorge is very narrow. However far you get, it’s a good adventure.

  5. Such a pretty area to explore. The wooden benches beneath the trees look appealing for a picnic lunch. The food looks scrumptious!! – what is the first dish called?

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