Al Laghetto…the food is good

Al Laghetto sits beside the river on the way to Fabriche di Vallico. We were there not long after the disastrous storm which caused lots of damage in the area, so it the setting wasn’t as picturesque as usual.


The restaurant was full for Sunday lunch when we arrived. Fortunately there was room for us. I love the rustic setting.






You need to have a big appetite with you…take a look at the delicious food.





Al Laghetto is a great place for Sunday lunch. The atmosphere is lively and a lot of fun.

24 thoughts on “Al Laghetto…the food is good

  1. I’ve passed this place loads of times , but never been in………..I’ll definitely put it on my list when I’m in the area.

  2. I’ve been twice. I agree the food is good but there was LOUD music. Although the staff was willing to turn it down, it seemed to have a mind of its own and 5 minutes later was back at ear-blasting levels and I vowed not to return. Did you notice it?

  3. What a wonderful place! I love the atmosphere! Of course, all that delectable food adds to the atmosphere. Love the artefacts on the walls and sausages hanging from the wheel. Italian lunches are a legend!

  4. Oh, wow, what a place and what an oven. I’ve been dropping suggestions in Peter’s ears for a couple of years about building a brick oven – must show him this one! The food looks sumptuous – the place must smell wonderful too.

  5. Looks amazing and another one to add to our list of places to eat when we go back in April/May. Not sure where Fabriche di Vallico is but i’m sure i’ll find it. Thanks Debra.

  6. I love rustic, Debra. This place looks fabulous! I especially like that wood oven, and how everyone sits at long tables to enjoy a meal together. What a great way to meet people.

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