A tribute to women at the casino

Omaggio alla Donna is in full swing at the casino at Ponte a Serraglio. I called in this evening to take a look at the paintings, sculpture and photography celebrating women.

It was great to see the exhibition well attended. The casino is a beautiful building and it is wonderful to see it being put to good use.


In the main room of the casino the painting and sculpture are displayed.

In the smaller room in the centre is the photography.



Gemma and her team have done a great job again this year with the exhibition in the second large room. They have put together a collection of things related to kitchens, cooking and table settings from times past.


There is still time to see the exhibition. It will be open tomorrow night, Friday 14th March, from 5.00pm until 8.00pm. On Saturday evening there will be music provided by the Emma Morton Tiro and a buffet will follow.

The event finishes on Sunday evening from 4.00pm until 8.00pm.

9 thoughts on “A tribute to women at the casino

  1. It looks great! My sole regret is that I am missing it. Fortunately, your comments and photos give me a good idea of the event. Thank you, Debra!

  2. Hear hear and thank you! Love it how you keep everyone posted on what is going on in ‘our’ Bagni in such a beautiful way.

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